True Israel Of God

AdminTHE BIBLE IS A HISTORY BOOK BASED ON SCRIPTURES BY THE WHITE RACE, ALBEIT IT HAS BEEN FRAUDULENTLY CHANGED BY THE JEWS. Moreover, the supposed period of Israelite conquest shows little evidence of the rapid succession of decisive victories described in the Bible. In one sense, Black Hebrew Israelite theology is no different than the British Israelism” espoused by Herbert W. Armstrong and others in the early 1900s.

During this time, Black Israelites made many accomplishments. The bible clearly tells you that we the Israelites will not know who we are so why are those people saying they are Jews. Confrontations between Hebrew Israelite street preachers and their perceived enemies are growing uglier and gaining increasing attention through video clips circulated to legions of viewers on websites like YouTube.

We realized just how far we had been led away from God and were astounded by the drastic changes required for those of us who desired to fulfill our responsibility to God as Hebrew Israelites. The race of Africans corresponds to Hamitic tribes who covered an exclusive plot of land mass given to them by their ancestors.

The body of knowledge that provided the success of the Bantu Expansion (advanced metallurgy, animal husbandry, architecture, carpentry, agricultural, astrological, religious, etc.) was inherited by these Bantu from their Israelite ancestors during their long residence in Egypt.

• Black Jews, who maintain a Christological perspective and adopt Jewish rituals. The African Hebrew Israelites say they have chosen a way of life dedicated to serving Yah, or God. The Egyptians, Canaanites, Ethiopians, babyloians etc sic were black skinned but they were not Israelites.

Major companies like JCPenny's (who is shutting now in many locations, praise Yah) are benefiting from modern day slave labor for many of the goods they sell by using black people in prisons (many of whom are falsely and unfairly incarcerated with stricter sentences than their white counterparts).

Behind that locked door is the Baltimore branch of the Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ, a golden girdle black supremacist sect headquartered in New York City. That somewhere in this land, there is a body of people dedicated to the fulfillment of this prophecy…in order that the words inspired by the Holy One of Israel, will not fail.

The fairness is presumed to have come from genes acquired from the surrounding long-headed and fair Israelite German population, while the broad-headedness may have been acquired by admixture, North of the Caucasus, by the Jewish migrants with some of the brachycephalic peoples who live around the Caucasus, which could have included the much-discussed KHAZARS" (Race in Ancient Egypt and the Old Testament, pp. 97-98).

These patriarchs include a former runaway slave named William Saunders Crowdy, who gained a following in the 1890s, teaching that blacks were the lost sheep of Israel” and that they should return to the ancient ways of the Hebrews as described in the bible.

Is this because black people sin more than other nations? The assumption is that the promises of God hold true for the true children of Abraham but not for all the descendants of Abraham. WHAT GROUP OF PEOPLE HAVE AND WEAR AFRO AND BEARDS LIKE SO-CALLED "AFRICAN AMERICAN NEGROES?" NONE.

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